UNIGIS Master Thesis

The final part of the UNIGIS MSc program is dedicated to the Master Thesis. Below is a selection of the Theses by former UNIGIS students.

Ströer Gunnar2019ENGWPS for local SDIs – A case study about the applicability of web processing services (WPS) for Freiburg’s spatial data infrastructure (SDI)PDF
AHMED Amro Saber Abouzeid2019ENGHajj Emergency Management System - Emergency Reporting, Webmapping and ResponsePDF
Abdallah Ali Mohamed Ali2019ENGDesigning Local Spatial Data Infrastructure Framework for Municipalities A Case Study of Northern Borders Municipality, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaPDF
Reda Abdelkhalek Ahmed Nabil2019ENGLand Use Land Cover Change in Ash-Sharqiyah Governorate of Egypt from 2005 to 2015PDF
Majola Silindile Bonisiwe Nqobile Khethiwe2019ENGAn Investigation of the Application of GIS in Secondary Schools: A Case Study of Grade 11 Students in Tembisa, Gauteng, South AfricaPDF
Schilk Sheba Celina2019ENG„The Jadeite Connection" Modelling sea-routes in the Neolithic AegeanPDF
Rauscher Peter2019ENGAdaptive behaviour in active transportation The influence of traffic lights on bicycle traffic in the city centre of Salzburg/AustriaPDF
Meyer Roman Lukas2019ENGCross-Border Infrastructure in Africa an Analysis through Logistic RegressionPDF
MURTAZA Sayed2019ENGEstimation of built-up density in urban area using objectbased image analysis (OBIA) for the study sites in New Delhi City (India) and Shenzhen City (China)PDF
Studer Selina2019ENGReplication of the Question-based Spatial Computing Approach Experiences and Suggestions for Further DevelopmentsPDF
Koirala Sumeer2018ENGGeospatial Modelling of Urban Sprawl in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.PDF
Agommuoh Joyce Matseliso2018ENGA Method for Identifying Potential Sites for Brownfield Development for Social Housing in the Johannesburg CBDPDF
Human Mattheus Hendrikus2018ENGRating Visual Impact Significance by Utilising Visibility Analysis and Geographic Information Science, An approach to scientifically evaluate a visual impactPDF
Wechsler Samuel2018ENGAutomating the analysis of territory mapping data in bird monitoringPDF
de Waal Simon Petrus2018ENGUsing GIS for identifying water abstraction locations from riversPDF
Frei Andrew Julius2018ENGIntegrating a chatbot with a GIS-MCDM systemPDF
Qashqo Bassam2018ENGGIS-Based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for identifying water distribution points: a case study in Lapilang & Suspa regions, NepalPDF
Tijssen Marien2018ENGMapping land use and landcover change in Kalmar, (Sweden) using object-based change detectionPDF
Metwally Abdelrahman Shehata Ahmed2018ENGLanduse Landcover Changes in Delta Province of Egypt: 1984 - 2000 - 2016PDF
Gosztowtt Joanna2018ENGSpatio-temporal changes of Vistula riverbed below the Włocławek hydropower plantPDF
Baumrock Bernhard2018ENGClient-side Visualisation of Scientific Raster Data Using WebGL and OpenSource Web Mapping TechnologiesPDF
Atia Abozed Abdelrazek Mohamed2018ENGGIS Approach to Find Suitable Locations for Installing Renewable Energy Production Units in Sinai Peninsula, EGYPTPDF
Shafie Ramadan Ali Ali Ali2018ENGAssessing the Effects of Spatial Resolution of DEMs on Hydrological Modelling A Case Study on Wadi Uranah, Makkah Al-Mukarmah (Saudi Arabia)PDF
Giger Christoph2018ENGAssessing Shrub and Tree Encroachment in Alpine Pastures from Airborne Laser Scanning DataPDF
THAW Wuit Yi2017ENGGIS Approach for Assessing the Damage Caused by 2015 Floods in MyanmarPDF
Omar Ahmed Omar Shehata2017ENGAnalysis of Land Use Land Cover Change in Greater Cairo Region: 1984-2016PDF
Khanal Nishanta2017ENG GIS Approach to Map the Levels of Earthquake Vulnerability of Buildings in Some Areas Affected by 2015 Earthquakes in NepalPDF
Bolli Clemens2017ENGA GIS-based Multi-Criteria Analysis for Suitability Assessment of Micro Hydropower Stations - A Case Study from SurinamePDF
Winklehner Thomas Peter2017ENGDeveloping a Software-Architecture for Archaeological Raw-Data originating from Excavations in AustriaPDF
Lagona Christian2017ENGGeographical Equity of the EU’s Agricultural Subsidies in BelgiumPDF
Macho Werner2017ENGInteractive Timeseries Analysis on Rasterdata using QGIS, an open source GISPDF
Schwager Patrick2017ENG„Utilization of two approaches of species distribution modelling (GLM, MaxEnt) to find new sites for seed collecting“ An application on six alpine vascular plant species in the eastern Alps (Styria)PDF
Scamehorn Ryan2017ENGGoogle Street View, SANET kernel density estimation, and linguistic diversity of the Malaysian linguistic landscapePDF
Rath Sebastian2017ENGPrediction of Assaults with a Combination of Retrospective and Prospective Analyses on the City of GrazPDF
Reiter Johannes2017ENGVGI in Disaster Management – Fusing Remote Sensing Data with User-Generated Data for Improved Flood ManagementPDF
ADHIKARI Bishrant2017ENGWebGIS based Wildfire SimulationPDF
Rickmeyer Ingo2017ENGspatial point pattern analysis of social media feeds during crisis eventsPDF
Paneru Govinda Ram2017ENG GIS-Based Identification of Potential Sites for Installing Solar Energy Collection Plants in Kathmandu Valley, NepalPDF
Lensing Robert2016ENG"BIM and construction process data in mechanized tunnel construction“ Milestone control for tunnel construction sites using automatically created process data in comparison with 4D BIMPDF
Maharjan Bishnu2016ENGGeo-Spatial Analysis of Habitat Suitability for Common Leopard (Panthera pardus) in Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, NepalPDF
Shrestha Ashim Babu2016ENGIdentifying Suitable Areas for Urban Development in Rampur Municipality, Palpa District, NepalPDF
Kowalewski Jan2016ENGThe performance assessment of vegetation models. Demonstration of a benchmarking system applicationPDF
Fellner Irene2016ENGAuto-generated routing instructions with landmarks for indoor navigationPDF
Striewski Friedrich2016ENGVirtual Field Trips based on Story MapsPDF
Pokhrel Shiva2015ENGAssessment of Above Ground Biomass and Fire Risk Zonation in Selected Forest Areas of Ludhikhola Watershed Gorkha, District, NepalPDF
Bajracharya Shailendra2015ENGAssessing the Appropriateness of Earthquake Emergency Health Care Services in Kathmandu and Lalitpur Municipalities, NepalPDF
Gautam Khim Lal2015ENGIdentifying Suitable Areas for the Resettlement of IDP's due to the Budhi Gandaki Hydroelectric Project in NepalPDF
Fenton Cassandra2015ENGA combined FastScape χ-value and 10Be erosion rate approach to evaluate topographic equilibrium in evolving landscapes: Examples from Namibia and the central HimalayaPDF
Panev Metodi2015ENGApproaches to topographic normalization for forest type mapping in Shitai County, Anhui Province, ChinaPDF
Müller Martin2015ENGWhen will the land resources in the Kavango Region be depleted?PDF
Hettel Achim Guenter2015ENGPrediction Accuracy of Hot Spot MethodsPDF
Strötz Ulrich2014ENGCalculating timber harvest costs based solely on spatial predictors exemplified by the Colorado State ForestPDF
Mayer Stefan2014ENGAn approach to model the thermal demand of buildings. A case study using two districts of GrazPDF
Tervooren Steffen2014ENGVerification of vegetation in regard of greenvolume as potential for climate-adaption. Using the example of the state-capital PotsdamPDF
Wörner Matthias2014ENGEnerKey. Renewable Engergies for GautengPDF
Roch Marthe2014ENGRevealing forest cover loss in Paraguay´s Atlantic Forest region_x000d_
‐ A remote sensing and GIS based forest monitoring
Abd-elmageed Ahmed2014ENGApplying Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing to Evaluate Flash Flood hazards: Eastern Side of Qena Bend, Nile Valley, EgyptPDF
O'Leary James Edmond2013ENGVulnerable Vancouver – finding residents at risk in Vancouver, CanadaPDF
Peterson Keith2013ENGMonitoring Mangrove Reforestation with TerraSAR-X in SenegalPDF
Mager Alexander2013ENGImpact assessment of oil exploitation in Upper Nile State,_x000d_
South Sudan, using multi‐temporal Landsat data
Kießlich Norman2013ENGThe influence of cultural and institutional factors on cadastre-based GIS diffusion projects in emerging countriesPDF
Rapp Maja2013ENGBiomass-mapping of alpine grassland with APEX imaging spectrometry dataPDF
Kurka Margit2012ENGObservation of Swelling Clay Movement via Multipass Differential SAR InterferometryPDF
Kapser Johannes2012ENGModelling of Continuous Fields: Coverage Mapping Based on Dynamic In-situ WLAN MeasurementsPDF
Kmoch Alexander2012ENGTowards a 4D WebGIS using harmonised datasets. "Examined on an New Zealand example"PDF
Meisen Jan Christoph2012ENGDeveloping a procedure for erosion risk evaluation concerning slopes with depression lines for the Hochsauerlandkreis administrationPDF
Bucholdt Christian2012ENGApplying Domain Specific Languages and Model-Driven Development to GIS ApplicationsPDF
Horvat Zlatko2012ENGChange detection in land use land cover (LULC) in Medimurje country, Croatia, between 1978, 1992 and 2007 using landsat satellite imageryPDF
Brown Mary2011ENGGeoreferencing Agricultural Survey StatisticsPDF
Schmidt Alexander2011ENGScope of Cadastre Reconstruction in the Republic of Kosovo“ with an Outlook to the Land Administration Domain ModelPDF
Dedic Nedim2011ENGApplication and implementation of geocoding using Oracle Spatial component in Oracle 11gPDF
Neubarth Katja2010ENG„Miles of Tiles“ Tessellation in GeoinformaticsPDF
Wagner Melanie2010ENGTurning a relational database model into an object relational database modelPDF
Stark Hans-Jörg2010ENGQuality assurance of crowdsourced geocoded address-data within OpenAddresses - Concepts and ImplementationPDF
Walz Yvonne2010ENGChallenges in Using Remotely Sensed Temperature for EpidemiologyPDF
Scholz Susanne2010ENGColor Characterization for Digital Aerial Cameras - a new Approach for Radiometric Sensor FusionPDF
Briscoe Ulla2010ENGGeolinguistic GIS Applications: Aspects of Data Quality in Mapping Lesser-Used LanguagesPDF
Behnisch Martin2009ENG"Population Cluster" Spatial temporal Analysis of 2896 Swiss Communities between 1850 and 2000PDF
Oesterling Nils2009ENGGeological Information System Switzerland - Supplying geoscientific geoinformation to the NSDIPDF
Wagner Michael2009ENGImplementation of a History Extension to the Open Source Database Management System PostgreSQL/PostGISPDF
Amelunxen Christof2009ENGAn approach to geocoding based on volunteered Spatial DataPDF
Klinger Gernot2009ENGEnabling INSPIRE for Aeronautical Information ManagementPDF
Bizaj Robert2009ENGWater Traces In The Phoenix Metropolitan AreaPDF
Zitek Andreas2009ENGDevelopment of a web-based spatial decision support system (WSDSS) for river restoration: a framework contributing to the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) in AustriaPDF
Smith Andrew2008ENGA feasibility study for building a low cost map server application to meet the requirements of the Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture (KSUCTA)PDF
Miller Heidrun2008ENGForestry and Areas of Ecological Importance in NorwayPDF
Wohlsperger Andreas2008ENGGIS based, geo-targeted emergency notification systems for mobile devices in the United StatesPDF
Mithöfer Klaus2008ENGDevelopment of a GIS-based Land Registry for TanzaniaPDF
Künzel Lukas2008ENGModelling Time in GeodatabasesPDF
Fleischmann Tobias2008ENGWebprocessing Service For Moving Objects AnalysisPDF
Grillenberger Jörg2007ENGSpatial distribution of leaf area index and leaf chlorophyll in cotton fields of Khorezm, Uzbekistan estimated at leaf, plant and regional scale by spectroscopy, remote sensing and GIS modelingPDF
Rauter Christian2007ENGSensitivity analysis of GeoWepp model regarding DEM's spatial resolutionPDF
Grothe Matthias2006ENGLow Cost Precision Farming. Ein günstiger Einstieg in Precision Farming ist möglichPDF
Georg Isabel2006ENGDetection of Favelas in Rio de Janeiro Using Very High Resolution Data - An Object-based ApproachPDF
Schauenburg Ronald2006ENGSpatial dynamic modelling. Wind energy flow and turbulence visualization forwindfarm optimization.PDF
Bergau Arne2006ENGGIS based coal fire risk modelling. A case study from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, ChinaPDF
Mengl Christa2006ENGInteroperability between CAD and GISPDF
Feuerriegel Karsten2005ENGIntegration of geo-information technologies and indigenous knowledge structuresPDF
Grill Günther2005ENGSpaial Agent-Based Modelling applied to Irrigation Agriculture Dynamics in the Choapa-Valley, ChilePDF
Hesterkamp Andreas2005ENGSupport of Infrastructure Project Phases by GIS TechnologiesPDF
Kranz Olaf2005ENGDevelopment of a land suitability assessment approach for fish pond site selection within the landscape of Khorezm, Uzbekistan, combining Geographic Information Systems and Multi-Criteria EvaluationPDF
Hadrbolec Michael2005ENGWeb Map Context Documents Reality check of the specificationPDF
Wimmer Susanne2004ENGSpatio-temporal Modelling in GISPDF
Reuther Anne2004ENGConstraining glacial equilibrium lines of altitude (ELA) by different geometrical approaches applying a Geographic Information System (GIS). A case study from the Kleinen Arbersee glacier, BF, GermanyPDF
Sonnentag Oliver2003ENGSIMIK+: evaluation and conceptual improvement of a GIS-implemented kriging techniquePDF