Design your own specialisation

The choice of Elective Subjects tailors a UNIGIS program to the needs of an individual student. In total, Electives relate to 24 ECTS credits in UNIGIS MSc and 18 ECTS credits in UNIGIS professional programs. Within the Electives, a student has the free choice of study items.

Most importantly, students can select from a diverse set of UNIGIS Optional Modules. However, credits can also be awarded for many other types of assessed learning achievements in Geoinformatics, for instance for local workshops, Summer Schools, training courses, or MOOCs.

In addition to active students, access to Optional Modules is also open to UNIGIS alumni. This is an exclusive life-long learning offer to the ClubUNIGIS network for small administrative fees. Thus, graduates can always keep up-to-date in the rapidly evolving field of Geoinformatics.

The following optional modules (English) awarded with 6 ECTS each are currently offered:

A number of optional modules are offered that require less time to complete and are therefore awarded with maximum 3 ECTS points:

Here you can find the start dates of the optional modules

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