Partnership with geospatial players at global level

A unique strongpoint of UNIGIS is its partnership with the key players in Geoinformatics and the GI industry on a global level. Through the UNIGIS International Association, UNIGIS students benefit from agreements with the most important GIS software vendors, as well as free and open source software communities, and professional organisations.

How do UNIGIS students benefit?

  • Cooperation with industry ensures access to state-of-the-art GI professional software products and services for educational use.
  • International memberships enables us to improve constantly our course materials and adopt them to the latest developments and trends in Geoinformatics.
Leading GI technologies industries highly recognise the outstanding role of UNIGIS in education and UNIGIS qualifications worldwide. Cooperations with traditional software companies ensure our students educational licenses to GI technologies either free of charge or at reduced rates. Credits toward Elective Subjects can be awarded for software training courses or seminars offered by our commercial providers partners. Through these partnerships third parties offer UNIGIS students specific low cost training courses.

Autodesk The company Autodek supports UNIGIS distance learning programs both with financial means and technological know-how, through the strategic industry cooperation with the Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS.
esri Esri’s ArgcGIS, the most prominent software in the field of Geoinformatics, is widely used in UNIGIS programs. A student licence for ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro, incl. the most important software extensions, will be provided for free over the entire duration of UNIGIS studies. Moreover, UNIGIS students can access all online ESRI Training courses also free of charge. and
FOSS Academy The Academy for Free and Open Source Software provides with practice-oriented open source software training. All courses are offered to UNIGIS students for a 10% discount (currently, courses are only offered in German-language).
GE Energy Upon request single student licenses for Smallworld GIS could be provided by GE Energy.
HEXAGON UNIGIS students may receive a one-year student license for “Geomedia professional”, Hexagon’s worldwide GIS client, for free! Nevertheless, other products from Hexagon portfolio can be also licensed for free during UNIGIS studies.
Oracle Oracle, the leading provider of software information management provides UNIGIS with free software education licenses and access to own training materials.
Safe Software SAFE provides UNIGIS Salzburg with FME licenses recommended for the development of practice-oriented project works and trial versions for UNIGIS students.
Trimble Upon request a free license for Trimble eCognition Developer can be provided to UNIGIS students.
As active member in international initiatives in the field of Geoinformatics and working closely with several domain specific institutions UNIGIS keeps up-to-date and maintains the high standards in education.

AGILE The “Association Geographic Information Laboratories Europe” (AGILE) serves as a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences at the European level in terms of academic research and teaching in geoinformatics.
FIG UNIGIS is a member of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), an NGO that supports the international collaboration among its members that cover the whole range of the surveying and related disciplines and promotes educational standards.
GISIG “Geographical Information Systems International Group” (GISIG) aims primary at the coordination and promotion of European projects for research, teaching and regional development among GIS.
ICACI The “International Cartographic Association” (ICA) is the global umbrella organisation of the cartographic societies and other establishments. The mission of ICA is the worldwide coordination of the developments in cartography.
OGC The “Open Geospatial Consortium” (OGC) consists industry, government and academic members. OCG is worldwide the brand name with regards to the interoperability of GI systems and interfaces.
UCGIS The “University Consortium GIS” (UCGIS) creates, promotes and supports the organisational infrastructure for cooperative interdisciplinary research in geoinformatics.