Frequently asked questions

We welcome you to get into contact for any open question. The staff at the UNIGIS office is happy to give advice or put you into contact with the relevant contact person. However, you may find some answers already below, in our collection of most frequently asked questions.

People choose to learn from home for a number of different reasons. Some enjoy the independence, some are homebound, some find it an easier way to balance education and life, and some appreciate the ability to learn at their own pace.

You can access our eLearning environment using any Internet connection, anytime, anywhere. Choose the time and place that works for you! Participate in group discussion, post your exercises and assignments, and review feedback. Much of your course work can be done offline, too.

Not at all. Using the eLearning environment is similar to using e-mail, your computer at work, or any software program.

Unfortunately, there is neither a reduced tuition fee for individuals or groups, nor a financial support can be provided by UNIGIS Salzburg, Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS or University of Salzburg. However, you may qualify for financial support through your employer, national agencies, or through various scholarships. You are encouraged to also check, whether you are eligible for studying under a regional Dual Degree program with UNIGIS Salzburg that may be offered at reduced prices.

The tuition fee includes the registration fee at University of Salzburg and all related services, like issuing of certificates or library access.

However, additional costs involve:

  • Communication during the study time (e.g. fax, telephone, Internet)
  • Purchase of hardware and software (see How to study online for details)
  • Travelling costs to attend workshops, summer schools, or UNIGIS update conferences.
  • You may want to invest in buying (text) books or attend a seminar on a topic of interest to you.
  • Your UNIGIS student status will come in handy as it entitles you to possible discounts on participation fees for seminars offered by UNIGIS partner institutions.

Registration depends on available study places. The maximum number of admitted students is to be set by the Program Director, taking into account educational and organisational considerations. Allocation of study places are arranged in the order of binding registration according to evidence of the provision of all admission requirements. In case of a late registration UNIGIS Office will clarify if there are available study places

The scheduled workshops are online hence you don’t need to travel to Salzburg. The performance assessment (“exam”) consists of a set of assignments that will be handed in via the learning platform. However, in the rare case of a student retaking an exam for a third time, his/her presence is required in Salzburg (oral exam in front of a committee – see also the Statues of the University of Salzburg, §21).

Like any other online courses, UNIGIS requires that students participate in web conferences, view streaming videos and work with  multimedia channels. Thus it is essential to have access to broadband internet, a webcam, a headset and have the related software installed.

Please ask UNIGIS Office about the system requirements.

The use of an Apple Computer instead of a PC is principally possible but a specific support for this platform cannot be offered. However, ArcGIS and many GIS programs are based on Windows as operating system.

In general, you may use any GIS-software products you are familiar with to solve the assignments. Nevertheless, we encourage you to work with the suggested software in order to avoid dealing with any possible technical issues.

Both study programs are designed to be completed earlier than the maximum study period*, i.e. 3 years for UNIGIS MSc and 1,5 years for UNIGIS professional.

In the exceptional case a student exceeds the study period, the right to receive further mentoring and assessment by University of Salzburg is terminated. It is possible however to agree on the continuation of the study with the university course leadership. In this case an additional fee will be due to extend the studies.

* may differ if delivered through a partner site, see Study locations

The University of Salzburg will award graduates the academic degree Master of Science (Geographic Information Science & Systems) – MSc(GIS) and the “Academic Certificate in Geographical Information Systems”, respectively.

The decision lies with the respective educational institution. University of Salzburg issues an international transcript and diploma supplement. The grading scale in the transcript complies with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) scale. Before you start your UNIGIS studies, please clarify any accreditation issues with your educational institution.

Yes, provided that the entry requirements for UNIGIS MSc program are fulfiled. Although the qualifications and competencies of both programs differ and consequently the study material, normally for the completed modules the credits will be awarded for UNIGIS MSc study program. Hence the duration of the UNIGIS MSc study program will be contracted by approximately one year.

Please contact your employer to clarify any financial impacts of the academic Degree.

The PhD entry requirements lie with the respective university, thus the admission might be independent from the educational background. Nevertheless, some UNIGIS alumni fulfiled the admission requirements. Admission to the University of Salzburg is explicitely possible, given an adequate member of faculty agrees to supervise the thesis.

As UNIGIS alumnus you will continue to benefit from the global UNIGIS community and knowledge base. The ClubUNIGIS network has exclusive access to life-long learning offers of the University of Salzburg, like u_lectures and optional modules, but also through select partner universities and industry partners.