I have recently completed my Professional Diploma from UNIGIS Salzburg, and I’m wanting to enrol in the UNIGIS Salzburg MSc program. Whilst doing my Professional Diploma, it has allowed for me to expand my working knowledge of GIS as well as teaching me many new disciplines within the field of GIS.
The manner in which the course is structured allowed for me to continue with my full time job whilst being able to keep my studies on track. When I encountered any issues in my studies, they were tended to by the UNIGIS Salzburg team in a very quick and professional manner.
I would recommend UNIGIS to anybody who is interested in the GIS field or for those that want to further their studies in the field of GIS.

Patric Loydell, UNIGIS Salzburg Professional Diploma Graduate, Cape Town, South Africa
Since enrolled with UNIGIS MSc program, I have gained a very intensive knowledge and skills in the field of Geographical information Science. The program has helped me to understand my work better and my work performance has improved significantly. The program has opened doors for me to be able to interact on the high level with other GIS professionals. The professionalism of UNIGIS employees and the way the UNIGIS course is structured makes it possible for me to be able to manage my day to day work and still keep my studies on track.
Thabsile Rambau, UNIGIS MSc student, South Africa
I completed my Master Degree (Gold Medal awardee) from the Department of Geography and now pursuing my Doctoral studies. I am exploring the impact of paleoclimate on the formation of some specific landforms in the Western Himalayas. My professor advised me to apply GIS & RS techniques but I had only basic knowledge about it. I came to know about UNIGIS online distance learning programmes and joined M.Sc. in GIScience and Systems with UNIGIS@Madras University. It provided me a unique opportunity to acquire internationally standardised qualification along with my doctoral research.
Shubhra Sharma, MSc student, UNIGIS India
When I decided to go back and continue my academic studies I extensively looked for the right program in GIS. The UNIGIS MSc study programme proved to be the right choice. It combines academic knowledge and professional skills and I can immediately transfer and apply my newly acquired knowledge into my work environment. I enjoyed meeting the UNIGIS team during a summer school in Salzburg. The staff is very helpful and tries very hard to meet your expectations.
Rashid Mohamedzain, UNIGIS MSc student, Austria
I am a graduate in Forestry from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu and my project aim is to identify suitable areas for growing new commercial tree-crops to increase the income of the local farmers. The ‘suitability analysis’ is a challenging task as it requires integration of several climatic and spatial factors. I knew that Geospatial technologies can make my work efficient so I was searching for a good GIS course. While being ‘On-Job’, I got an excellent opportunity to join M. Sc. in GIScience and Systems with UNIGIS@Kathmandu Forestry College which made my work impressive and effective.
Chandrama Khadka, UNIGIS MSc student, Nepal