Oracle Spatial

The module gradually introduces the world of spatial information, and guides the reader from basic concepts to sophisticated analyses and case studies. It communicates a hands-on learning style, with extensive examples and practical information. The module should open up new application domains to developers and prompt them to incorporate spatial aspects in already existing applications. However, the module was also designed to attract GIS programmers or users, if only because it is the first optional module that addresses Oracle Spatial entirely. In spite of its title, it does in fact cover the full spectrum of geospatial technologies of Oracle that is, the database (Oracle Spatial and Locator) and also the Oracle Application Server (MapViewer and Router). The convergence of geospatial technology with mainstream IT platforms is driving enormous advances in the ability to deploy spatial information across the enterprise and the Web. Geospatial tools, including GIS, are now able to deliver more reliability, security and scalability as they leverage IT infrastructure. In doing so, these geospatial technologies become enabling services to more mainstream business applications. The proprietary ‘glue’ that was once necessary to connect the component parts of a GIS software application is being replaced by open standard interfaces, protocols and schemas. This is being done so that software components (database, application server, spatial tools) that were once ‘tightly coupled’ in a single software package can now be assembled through a looser, more open ‘publish, find, bind’ regime that spans across the enterprise and the Web.

The active time of this module is until February, 2 2020. Unfortunately it is not possible to register to this module in the future.

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