Utility networks are owned and maintained by utility companies in different sectors such as water, electricity, sewage, storm-water, fiber optics, cable-TV and telecommunication. These networks are the result of large investments and they represent large values for the owners. The maintenance and developments of these networks are very essential for the societal development and, due to their large value, operations on the network have to be carefully planned. In addition, since many networks are located underground, such networks represent challenges to both the network operators and any other part who must undertake activities and works under or above the ground, for instance digging and restoring the soil coverage. Since the assets of utility networks have a distinct geographical component, GI technologies plays an important role in the management of utility networks.

The 6 ECTS module has been created within the giCASES project (www.gicases.eu) and is subdivided into 3 subsections with a total of 16 lessons.

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