Prof. Dr. Josef Strobl

Head of Department and UNIGIS Program Director

Academic education is indispensable in domains that are as dynamic as Geoinformatics. Conceptual foundations develop together with the fast evolving technologies. Life-long learning is an opportunity as much as a necessity.

UNIGIS is designed as an online academic program that is delivered to GI-professionals:

  • to provide a solid, conceptual foundation for the acquired professional experience,
  • to settle into an attractive sector of growing industry,
  • to balance the study program with career and family,
  • to study at the prestigious Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS at the University of Salzburg, and
  • to earn an academic Degree as formal qualification.

Applying for a UNIGIS distance-learning program needs careful consideration. However, if you decide for this path of your personal and professional future, we assure our full engagement and long-term experience to support you towards this aim!

Josef Strobl